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About Me

I am a bilingual, 17 year old high school student at the Centre Scolaire Léo Rémillard, and I am taking the New Media Design course at the Arts & Technology Centre. I currently do not have a job, but I am looking for one (hint, hint). I am an avid gamer with a passion for programming, which shows in my work.

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Programming History

I was first introduced to programming August 9th 2012 when the game Minecraft released a new item, the command block. This little thing let you program and alter the game to do whatever you want (within the limits of the game). My next venture into programming was at my high school, in which I took computer sciences and web design, both in 10th grade. From these courses I learned HTML, JavaScript, CSS and Java. Currently I am furthering my skills in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, ActionScript and PHP at ATC.

A camera

Photography and Film History

In 10th grade, I took a film class and a photography class, where I learned many important skills. In the photography class, I learned how to use Photoshop to edit images, and IMovie for stop motion videos. In my film class I improved my IMovie knowledge as well as editing programs like Sony Vegas Pro. My fellow classmates and I submitted a movie we made to Le Festival des Vidéastes du Manitoba, and we won the prize of Meilleur Recherche et Texte Amusant (Best Research and Amusing Script).

My work