Who is AJ Bertram?

AJ Bertram happens to be...me! I am the founder/creater of Blue Rose productions! Blue Rose came to me one day as basically an independent film company, but it quickly branched off into everything I have done. The semi-gothic theme of Blue Rose was inspired by one of my favorite tv channels dusk©. I was very upset when it got canceled, so I kept the desolate flame alive with Blue Rose. This website will be a collaboration of my personal artwork, my education resume and also a little something about me. I have many passions, but they all revolve around designing and computers. I much prefer to work with things like a camera or just editing software. Below is a list of programs that I am quite adept with:

I have always liked drawing and designing my own characters. One thing I'm known for is the various cartoon characters that I create either by drawing or computer. Eventually after I graduate from college I would like to get a job in the film industry. If I get a job in the film industry, I would like it to be for film editing. I love editing the film and that is an important job as they are the ones who basically make the story happen. I'm really enthusiastic and excited for my future.